Our Mission

Hai voluto la bicicletta? Allora, pedala!                    Immagine 214

Welcome to bici life.

No other country has such a rich tradition or passion for cycling like Italy, and our aim at bici life is to promote and pay tribute to Italian cycling culture. There is no doubt that Italy produces the most technical and best-designed bicycles, all while honoring its long and influential history in cycling, beginning with Bianchi’s invention of the modern bicycle in 1885. Small-scale, family-owned workshops throughout Italy, such as Casati, Wilier, Olmo, DeRosa, and Tommasini focus on producing exquisite, handcrafted bicycles that are each a work of art, as opposed to Asian bicycle factories manufacturing quantity, not quality. We are envious of Italy’s love affair with the bicycle, and hope to share our enthusiasm for this sport, and the country that has done so much to develop it.

Bicycle culture might start with the bike, but it doesn’t end there; bici life will also highlight:

  • Bicycle components, clothing, and accessories
  • Photos and specs of the latest bicycles and gear
  • Unbiased product reviews from around the world
  • Local Italian food and wine
  • Information on bicycle hotels, tours, and routes in Italy

Check up with us for new content, products, and cycling news daily.

Happy riding!

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